The People

In the INSIST project many different Institutes and people are involved. To make it easier to search, the people are grouped by the institute they work in, you can click on their name which takes you to the institute page with short bio. 

  Prof. Dr. Charles Majoie, MD  Professor of NeuroradiologyAmsterdam UMC, location  
  Dr. Henk A. MarqueringAssociate Professor Cardiovascular Imaging and Image  
  Prof. Dr. Ed van BavelProfessor of Vascular  
  Prof. Dr. Yvo Roos, MDProfessor of
  Sissy GeorgakopoulouPhD
  Nerea Arrarte TerrerosPhD
  Praneeta KonduriPhD 
  Prof. Dr. Aad van der Lugt, MDErasmus
  Dr. Hester
  Prof. Dr. Diederik Dippel professor of Acute treatment of neurovascular
  Dr. H.M.M. Heleen van Beusekom, PhD, FESC.
  Nikki BoodtPhD
  Noor SamuelsPhD
  Simon De MeyerProfessorKU
  Senna StaessensPhD
  Mikhail A. Panteleev

Professor of the Department of Medical PhysicsLomonosov Moscow State
  Aleksey M. ShibekoSenior
  Anastasia N. SveshnikovaSenior Researcher
  Dmitry Y. NechipurenkoSenior Researcher
  Dr. Patrick McGarrylecturer & Program Director for Biomedical EngineeringNUI
  Dr. Behrooz
  Prof. Gabriele Dubini, PhDProfessor of BioengineeringPOLIMI Politecnico di
  Prof. Francesco Migliavacca, PhDProfessor of
  Prof. Giancarlo Pennati, PhDProfessor of Industrial
  Prof. José Félix Rodriguez Matas, PhDAssociate professor of Computational
  Giulia Luraghi,
Sara Bridio, MScPhD
  Professor Bastien ChopardUNIGE (University of Geneva)
  Remy PetkantchinPhD
  Franck Raynaud,
Dr. Stephen PayneAssociate Professor at the institute of Biomedical EngineeringUOXF (University of Oxford)
Dr. Wahbi K.
Tamás István Jó
Prof. Dr. Alfons HoekstraProfessor in Computational BiomedicineUniversity of Amsterdam (UvA)
Raymond padmos, MScPhD