WP1 will foster collaboration between the INSIST beneficiaries and advisors, ensure compliance with the European Commission requirements, provide timely reports and efficient administration, and facilitate swift decision-making, in short, this workpackage deals with the management of INSIST through the following activities:

   1. Establishment of the management infrastructure and efficient and constant monitoring and execution of the day-to-day project activities under contractual terms;
   2. Administrative and financial management and reporting;
   3. Efficient internal and external communication and exchange of data in a collaborative environment;
   4. Ensuring the safeguarding of Intellectual Property and exploitation of results and ensuring application of regulatory guidelines during the entire duration of the project;
   5. Ethics monitoring, collection of relevant ethical approval, application of best practices of data management.

 The figure below shows a pert diagram describing the timing of major interactions between work packages, and WP1 facilitates all other WPs to function as well as they should.

WP1 is strongly intertwined with WP7 to allow synergies between management and dissemination and sustainability activities.