Videos final meeting

During the Final INSIST meeting (April 7-8 2022 in Amsterdam) we created the opportunity for our INSIST researchers to go into the professional recording studio and prepare a video on the work they have been doing. This resulted in a number of videos, highlighting the work done in INSIST.

Click on the title to watch the video!

Praneeta Konduri– Modelling tissue damage due to acute ischemic stroke

Nikki Boodt &Nerea Arrarte –Clot atlas

Nerea Arrarte, Sara Bridio & Claire Miller – In silico Clinical trials for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke

Noor Samuels– Virtual stroke population

Bastien Chopard, Simon De Meyer and Remy Petkantchin– Thrombolysis:from experiments to computer modelling

Praneeta Konduri– Vessel Atlas

Henk Marquering– Dissemination and Exploitation

Anushree Dwivedi, Behrooz Fereidoonnezhad &  Giulia Luraghi- In silico modelling of mechanical thrombectomy