Opening of a PhD and postdoc position in
biomedical modeling
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 1, 2018
The University of Geneva (Switzerland) is opening one PhD position and one
postdoc position in the Computer Science Department, scienti c computing lab.

The computer science department is looking for creative persons to develop
numerical models of thrombosis and thrombolysis, in order to understand how
stroke may happen and how they can be treated. These persons should have
a competency in programming, modeling and numerical simulation, and an in-
terest for biomedical problems. Experience with blood ow simulation, parallel
programming, lattice Boltzmann methods, data analysis are welcome.
Candidates interested in these position should send a CV and a motivation
letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Position available: Ph.D. student (4 years), department Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
Microvascular damage in ischemic stroke

Job Description:

As a Ph.D. student, you will help prediction of microvascular damage and repair in stroke patients, thereby guiding treatment strategies. In particular, you will perform experimental work on microvascular changes in rodent models of stroke, such as studying the effect of local constrictions and micro-thrombi released from the clot during thrombectomy on local tissue perfusion, endothelium and tissue damage and repair over time. You will include the role of age and sex , and consider possible drug treatment strategies. Your data will form input to extensive computer modeling of stroke treatment, culminating in the performance of in silico clinical trials on new devices and pharmaceuticals by the INSIST consortium. For this reason you will closely collaborate with clinicians, experimentalists and modeling experts at academic centers in among others Amsterdam, Oxford, Leuven, and with medical device and pharma companies.