Giulia Luraghi biomechanics and vascular biology 04062020

June 4th at 4 pm CEST our INSIST colleague Giulia Luraghi gave an invited 15 minutes lecture to the virtual Shear Stress Symposium on the simulations of the thrombectomy procedure. To watch the presentation, click here.



In the next session of the virtual series related to the International Symposium on Biomechanics in Vascular biology and Cardiovascular disease, June 4th at 4 pm CEST, Prof. ZhongzhaoTeng, from University of Cambridge, UK, Dr. Giulia Luraghi, from Politecnico di Milano, IT, and Dr. Nicolas Baeyens from Université Libre de Brussels, BE, will present their latest work.

Use the following link to access the meeting

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