Dissemination and sustainability



This work package focuses on dissemination, communication, and exploitation of the results of INSIST, and on the sustainability of the in silico clinical stroke trial. This will be achieved by presenting objectives and results to all relevant stakeholders (see Table 6) and by demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of INSIST at a pan-European level. All deliverables from WP2-6 will feed in this work package as input for dissemination and exploitation activities.
The main objectives of this WP are:

   - to demonstrate the value of the in silico clinical stroke trial to stakeholders and to educate them;

   - to raise awareness of the potential of in silico clinical stroke trial with clinicians, medical researchers, clinical trialists and modelling researchers, regulators;

   - to educate clinicians and scientists in using the tools provided by INSIST.

For all these tasks, AMC will take the lead and all partners participate.