INSIST Industry Focus Group Discussions at INSIST All hands workshop Rotterdam – a Whitepaper


In silico clinical trials hold the promise to use computational techniques to support and accelerate the evaluation and introduction of new medical products at reduced costs. The INSIST (In silico clinical trials for treatment of ischemic stroke) initiative has been set up to develop an in silico platform for the simulation and evaluation of novel treatments for acute ischemic stroke. INSIST comprises the generation of virtual populations representing stroke patients, the in silico modeling of thrombosis, thrombolysis, and thrombectomy and of brain tissue death due to the lack of oxygen, and an estimation of clinical relevant endpoints. The combination allows the in silico simulation of clinical trials. Part of the INSIST initiative are Focus Group Discussions involving specific stakeholders and contributors. Following a Clinical Focus Group Discussion in April 2019, we organized an Industry Focus group meeting in November 2019. Purpose of this meeting was to inform interested companies producing and marketing stroke-related devices and drugs on our work and to obtain feedback on our approaches and advice on our future plans.

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