Dr. Claire Miller
Computational Science Lab, University of Amsterdam

Claire is a post-doc involved in bringing the different models of INSIST together, as well as proving credibility of the trials. Prior to working on the project, Claire completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in early 2020. The topic of her thesis was developing a multiscale model of epidermal tissue in homeostasis. The main interest of this model was the maintenance of a homeostatic epidermal thickness, which involved studies into the maintenance of proliferative cell populations and the development of a novel subcellular mathematical model for desquamation.

Prior to her PhD, Claire first completed an undergraduate degree in engineering (computational and mechanical, with honours) and the University of Adelaide, Australia. After her undergraduate degree, she worked as a graduate fellow at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Melbourne, Australia. In this role she was a part of the natural hazards team, focussing on bushfires. In particular, her role focussed on assisting the development of a bushfire spread prediction tool, and electrically caused bushfire ignitions.

 mathematical programming