Is a graduate of Pharmacy of Montpellier University, PharmD, (term of 6-year University program), France, 1995. Then, she completed a degree in pharmacology of cardiovascular disease (one-year graduate degree required before doctoral studies) at Universities of Paris (Prof. Safar), and Lyon (Prof. Sassard), 1996. She started a Doctoral Thesis about “Sudden cardiac death and heart failure” in a model of coronary embolizations in dog (INSERM U390 Cardiovascular Physiology, Pr Vassor and Pr Davy Montpellier). In 2003, she started to work for Servier Laboratories where she was in charge of developing pharmacological studies in stroke prevention to support the clinical development of an anti-platelet agent.  She also has experience in chronic venous disease and ulcer pathologies. Since 2014, she is a clinical and translational research leader working in different projects in cardiovascular area. In addition, she is involved in IMI and H2020 projects.