Francesco Migliavacca obtained a MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 and a PhD in Bioengineering in 1997 both from Politecnico di Milano. He worked as a Research Assistant at the Cardiothoracic Unit of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London in 1994 and 1997-99. At present he is a Full Professor of Bioengineering in the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering ‘Giulio Natta’ of Politecnico di Milano and the Coordinator of the Section of Biological Engineering. Between 2007 and 2018 he was the Director of the Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS) of the Politecnico di Milano. His major research activities have included the fluid dynamic optimization of pediatric cardiac surgery procedures, fluid dynamics in the living systems as well as structural analysis and material behavior of biomedical devices, in particular intravascular stented devices. He received the medal 'Le Scienze 2001' in Engineering and was awarded the European Society of Biomechanics Perren Award in 2004. He is Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed journals ‘Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology’ and ‘Frontiers in Pediatric Cardiology’.

Keywords: stents – mathematical modelling – biomechanics