The INSIST consortium is the result of a truly multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial effort. It is headed by an interventional      neuroradiologist and combines the knowledge of multiple experts in computational science, biology, biophysics, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, and radiological, neurological, and cardiovascular clinical research. The crucial involvement of academic and large teaching hospitals will secure access to patient data and clinical expertise. This will ensure that the in silico tools resulting from this project have a direct impact in the clinic. All the relevant end users (neurologists and intervention radiologists, as well as device- and pharma industry) are member of the INSIST consortium and involved in the entire process to ensure a successful and relevant development of the in silico tools.




For any questions regarding the INSIST project please contact the project coordinators;



Prof. Dr. Charles Majoie, MD                                                                  Dr. H.A. Marquering

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